After posting Vendor Payment journal in which class it is inserting the records in GJAccountentry


After posting payment journal from AP…records are getting inserted in GeneralJournalAccountEntry.

Kindly suggest Where exactly can I find this logic to insert the records in GJAccountentry Table.

I have debugged it but could not find…


Have a look at \Classes\LedgerVoucherTransObject


Try adding break point to insert() method of those tables. Try overriding the insert method if there is no insert method (just for debugging purpose)

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for your reply…I have added insert method for GJAccountEntry Table but debugger is not hitting it.

and I have debugged the class\LedgerVoucherTransObject\performDimensionsValidations method and other mnethods of same class…but could not find the exact peace of code where it is inserting the record I GJAccountEntry Table.

Hi kranthi,

I have debugged the above clases I undertsnad the process but in the class\ledgervouchertransobject\Check() …To this method

the recid value for “generaljournalaccountentry.ledgerdimension” is coming …I could not find from where this value is coming from.

I have to find from where this value is assigning to that variable…

Can you please suggest if you have an idea…?


Hi Kranthi,

I could not find exactly at what point of time the value is assigning to the varaiable “generaljournalaccountentry.LedgerDimension” in the class\LedgervoucherTransobject…

Please suggest.


Try adding, \Classes\LedgerVoucherTransObject\parmLedgerDimensionId


Also look at \Classes\LedgerJournalTransUpdateVend\UpdateNow

Thanks Kranthi…it really helped me…