After posting Fixed Asset Depreciation journal , DepreciationTime not populating in LedgerJournalTrans_Asset Table


I have posted depreciation journal for fixed asset.but in the LedgerJournalTrans_Asset table the field DepreciationTime not populating.

Please suggest is there any setup to populate for this.


Hi YogaNanda,

I have gone through the link but could find any related.

My question is in which class or method logic is there to update "Remaining Depreciation Periods" after posting Fixed Asset Journal.

I noticed that when ever we post Fixed Asset journal the record will gets inserted in the Table “LedgerjournalTrans_Asset”, and the same table has the field “DepreciationTime” .based on this column the “Remaining Depreciation Periods” will be updated.

But what I could not figure out is where is logic to insert “DepreciationTime” on the "“LedgerjournalTrans_Asset” Table.

Please suggest if you know any class to debug