Advantages and disadvatages of the protocols "Named Pipes" and Multiprotocol instead of "TCP/IP Sockets"


we use a SQL-Server 2000 database for our Navision 3.60 Client and the objects have the version 3.10.

Please informe me (or us) about the advantages and disadvatages of the protocols “Named Pipes” and Multiprotocol instead of "TCP/IP Sockets.

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I’m not so familiar with that issue, but here you should find some hints: CD_Attain 3.60\Nas\Common\Navision\Communication Component\devguide.chm

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These are a few of the differences (these may not apply to Navision).

Named Pipes requires more network overhead than TCP/IP and therefore is not recommended on slower network connections.

Multi-protocol is useful where users must attach to several SQL servers running different network protocols.

Multi-protocol supports encryption.

There may be more, but can’t think of them right now.

I tend to stick with TCP/IP for Navision.

Which of these is the default? I see that the client (4.0) has a default option, and that is what we are using. Thanks.

The default is TCP I think. What I’ve been told is that if you connect NAV to SQL Server from the server machine using named pipes, your connectino should be faster, but I did not understand the explanation :).