Advanced Service management integration with projects

There are a set of projects for service- both Fixed price and T &M. Number of projects they create for service related is dependant of the operating unit.

For example in a operating unit they have more Preventive maintenance related service tickets, they create a project for service-preventive Maintaince .

When they decide the price or cost of the service before it is done, they associate that ticket to a Fixed price project, else it would be T &M.

Service ticket gets created. It has a Project associated with it based on if its Fixed price or T &M and the service type sometimes.

So these type of Project will not have any customer associated with. For these type of projects they aim at tracking the total cost spent on service tickets , and they don’t concentrate it to track per customer.

They also would like to track per customer what is the profitability.

So when a service ticket is associated a customer., that customer internally has various sites. Sites mean billing to addresses . They bill to any of the site .

Example : Tecta corporate as the customer - and there are sites for bestbuy, fritolay in the billing sites . So in the service ticjet they provide tecta corporate as customer, and in the billing info they provide the site.

So when they track the projects, they seek total cost spent on PM based services, leak services . Also per customer what is the profitability for service tickets based on call types.

Possibility with AX -out of the box

Create a project per customer- have subprojects for each service call type. In this way they would be able to track .

CON : They don’t want the projects list to be so big for services. Because they could have 1000s of service based tickets and creating them per customer will be over head.

The client is not willing to change the business process, so to meet the requirement below are the alternatives I propose, knowing they are significantly huge modifications-both in-terms of complexity and time.

Alternative :

  • Enhance the project creation:
  • Provide an option to select the type of project -Normal or Service
  • If its service , enhance funding source capability to have a group of customers.
  • Make ability to create a group of customers for service related projects - When a new customer comes-in , to be added to the group first.
  • In the funding source, enhance the billing capability to have this customer group for these service type projects.
  • Provide the customer group and project as input to FSA.
  • When service orders gets paid, the payments to customer gets pushed in. So ability to enhance the tracking of these payments and costs from the project level to be added
  • These projects to specify the duration when they create.

Suggest if there is any option available to meet the current requirement. Let me know if there are any questions or doubts in the current process.