Advance payment through po/so


What about the Advance payments against sales order / purchase order In Axapta ?

I gone through the manuals , I could not find .

Please let me know.


Have you gon through pre payment journal. That might be there in AR and AP daily procedures.

In prepayment, you post the payment from customer in advance and at the time of sales order invoicing, the payment can be settled through open transaction editing.

After sales order is invoiced, the prepayment is settled against sales invoice. Same works for vendor also.


Follow the praven process.

Dear Pranav,

Same situation occurs in our company,we agreed with customers as 50 % advance and 50 % after delivery. But here customer need invoice for 50% of total ordered amount . In this issue how to generate invoicefor 50 % of amount with out delivery to customer.

ThankX in adv

MS AXAPTA 2009 does not have the option to raise a prepayment invoice against an order of PO/ SO , where as NAVISION has the capability to book the prepayment invoice functionality.

What about your AX version ?

You can use the following options in AX 2009 .

a) Free text invoice

b) General Journal

Hi Shahed,

When customer is paying you, post a prepayment journal. Prepayment check box needs to be ticked in payment tab. if your customer in asking for invoice, then there is not other option other than invoicing SO.

I will suggest you to post the prepayment journal first than on the SO, apply that prepayment voucher posted using open transaction editing and post the invoice. This way you will receive money and invoice customer as well.

On the customer trans, you will see that amount due is 50% only which you can settle after rfeceipt of complete [ayment.


Dear Pranav,

As per Ax, we cannot invoice a customer until we deliver the material. But here to get 50 % Advance (with out delivery) customer need Invoice.

Thank x.

There is option for profarma invoice also in ax 2009. Have you tried that?


Dear Pranav,

I already tried with this option(proforma invoice).this is not applicable in this case(there no number for reference in proforma inv).

Any other options please.

First prepare a ‘prepayment’ payment journal for adavace payment recieved.

Second prepare SO for full qty and prepare partial packing slip and partial Invoice for 50% qty.

Third prepare remaining 50% qty packing slip and invoice.

Then receive remaining payment from customer, pass payment journal and settle through open transaction editing form.

finally you have to prepare 2 invoices and 2 payment journals

Dear Anthony,

Please check , I clearly indicate we need to issue Invoice for advance payment 50 %(before delivery) and 50 % after delivery.

if they are demanding for invoice , you can generate partial packing slip and invoice and send them, but you physical stock you can keep yourself and deliver them when ever you want.

other wise prepare a invoice in free text invoice and send them , free text invoice will not effect inventory.

Hi Pranav/Anthony, one related question. I create a prepayment journal and receive the customer prepayment.

At the time of sales invoice, In AX 2012, do I need to mark the prepayment journal from ‘Open transactions’ under settlement (from SO) before creating the customer invoice? will this automatically apply the prepayment against this invoice?

or, do we need to create a new customer payment journal, select the customer and then select ‘prepayment’ journal. Then where do I link the customer invoice to the prepayment? Appreciate your help.

I am able to link the prepay to sales invoice. thanks

Hi All

I just go through the whole conversation, but anyone can tell me how i can navigate to the "Prepayment " option in AX 2009 . And how the system will know when create the sales order invoive that this payment is for that SO.


Any comments Experts…

Hi Imran,

Go to Prosting Profile, create a Posting profile as Prepayment assing a Summary account

Then at the time of doing a Payment Journal >> Check Payment Tab select Prepayment Checkbox and under Posting select Prepayment form the Dropdown box …



Hi ameen,

I went through whole conversation and found your response is close to my questions. I agree with you that NAV2009 has the feature which NAV user can assign prepayment when they create sales order.

Does AX2012 (R2) have such capability? if not, does workflow feature help to control such process? For example, AX user cannot post sales order without approval if the SO or the customer is required prepayment.

I have same inquiry from my customer that they want AX to control i.e., before receiving prepayment from customer, if AX user tries to post SO i.e., required prepayment, , AX automatically blocks further posting until prepayment journal completely posted and applied to the SO. .

Any suggestions and solutions which I found so far is only AFTER receiving prepayment from customer and sales order is already invoiced.

Thank you,