Advance payment at the time of sales order/po

Hi Friends

Is it possible to create Advance payment while creating sales order in Ax 2009 Trade Logistics


There is no genuine option to handle advance payments on sales orders.

You could create a service article.

Add this service article to your saleslines and give it a price of the advance payment.

Create another negative line with the same amount.

  1. Invoice the advance payment (service article)

  2. Invoice the negative line (service article) and the other sales lines


Advance payment needs to be created using pre-payment journal.

Pre-payment journal needs to be created and posted seperately.

After the prepayment is posted, it can be applied at the time of sales order invoice.


correct solution.

Hi Pranav,

Can we mark advance payment to multiple sales orders?

Ex: Customer has given $10000 cheque for SO0001, SO0002 and SO0003 and it needs to be marked at the time sales order processing. Is it possible in ax 2012?