ADO-Return Value Interface Navision-mySQL

Hi guys, I have an hard problem: does anyone know, why ADO returns me a date-value when my navision-code is asking for the timestamp of a table in mySQL 4.1. The timestamp of mySQL looks like this: 2004-11-16 16:17:02 My problem is, I need the whole string and also the time to compare… Thank you for any idea…! Andreas, Cologne

Hi Andreas, What kind of DataType is the info returned to? regards, Alexander

Hi Alexander, first thanks for your interest. The mySQL-Datatype is ‘timestamp’, this is similar to ‘datetime’ and it looks like I wrote in my first posting. Then I’ve integrated ADO (I’ve tried all versions from 2.00 up to 2.70) to Navision as Automation - there is no problem when you send SQL-statemants to mySQL, you can insert, select and delete - anything fine. But when I ask for the ‘timestamp’-field, ADO returns me a date that also in Navision is the datatype date. The rest is missing. So mySQL-timestamp gets to Navision-Date… I have to tell you, I use a standard mySQL-ODBC-driver. When you know ADO, you know, mostly it returns strings. A string would be wonderful. Have you an idea? Thank you! Best wishes from Cologne Andreas