Adjustment Exchange Rate

Hi All,

I am NAV tech. One of my client is doing Adjustment Exchange Rate(report 959). I am getting error ‘Posting date is not within your range’ . Adjustment is running for Oct’18. In G/L setup From/To posting date is 10/01/2018 - 10/31/2018. In user setup for particular user start and end posting date is blank.

When I debug debugger is stopping at G/L acc. = 41000000 with posting date 11/06/2018. system is creating Gen. Jrnl Line.

Now can I change G/L setup Posting End Date to after 11/06/2018(or greater than this) and run the batch??

I tried to find the entry which is creating issue but I got only G/L acc No and posting date. Further debugger is showing amount 52.76 but in entry amount is in thousands. So what can I do??

Thanks in advance.

Hi ,

This issue happened due to some ledger entry posted beyond that period and system need to adjust those entry .

You can remove the posting date from G/L setup or you can put the starting and Ending date in User setup 1st OCT to till date . Adj. Exchange rate posted based on your posting date parameter in that report (595). Beyond that period system will post the transaction and reverse it automatically.