Adjust Value of an item


We buy items from Vendors abroad and get the invoice before the shipment. Once we get the invoice we add a line to the purchase order and post the total amount of the order to Inventory In-Transit using the currency exchange rate of the current month. After getting the shipment, we reverse the Inventory In-Transit posting and invoice and receive the purchased items. The items are valued using the exchange rate of the month when the invoice arrived. Therefore, when posting the shipment we must not update the exchange rate.

Unfortunately, last month we did update the exchange rate by mistake. So the purchased items are valued at the exchange rate of January 09 rather than December 08. I want to adjust this difference for each item. I would like to create a value entry without affecting the quantity. How can I do that?

Thank you for your help!


Go to the “Revaluation Journal” which you find in the Warehouse Menu.

There you load the item ledger entries you want to revalue and change the cost amount.

While posting the system generates the additional value entries.

Thanks, Thomas!