Adjust unit in AX 40

Dear all, I have a question that refer to unit of item in AX

When I create a new item, I miss to declare the unit in Inventory textbox on quantity tab. So when I post pinking list in Production Order, the system generate a warning that a item is not unit. But, there are many transaction that refer to this item. So, it is so difficult to adjust these. Now I want to adjust in database, how I adjust this and where I can do it (where table I can adjust in?)

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Hi all,

Who know the structure of database in AX, I want to know where tables that include unit of item in item form. I’m using AX 4.0

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It is not that simple, if you have any open transaction you will see the quantity and the stock quantity and these reference the UOM, you cannot just alter teh UOM conversion for hte item, you need to alter it everywhere. This is why Microsoft recommend you create a new item once you have started transacting.