Adjust Cost - Odd Value Entry for Transfer Transit

Our client has Navision on MS SQL. After Adust Cost there are odd Value Entries for Transit Transfer. First Value Entry is correction and Next Entry is double previous: Cost per Unit - the same but Value Quantity and Cost Amount are doubled. Example: Entry No. Item No. Valuation Date Item Ledger Entry Type Document No. Location Code Item Ledger Entry No. Valued Quantity Cost per Unit Cost Amount (Actual) 809139 17 16.11.04 Transfer TRI4-04080 WIP_O 319875 50 13,0602 -653,01 809140 17 16.11.04 Transfer TRI4-04080 _MSK_INT 319876 -50 13,0602 653,01 809141 17 16.11.04 Transfer TRI4-04080 _MSK_INT 319876 -100 13,0602 1’306,02 This situation not for all Transit Transfer. Have anybody any ideas?

Hi, This problem I have also faced and the same reported to Microsoft but… long way to go when this issue will be corrected.