Adjust Cost - Item Entries did not executed since 2 years !!

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in our company we didn’t executed since 2 years ago, we are planning to do it this week. After doing some test in a “Lab” data base, we find that the new entries are posting in this years, even the original entry is posted in 2012! I checked that Nav works like that if the Accounting period is closed.…/viewtopic.php

My question is : Can we re-open the accounting period and fiscal year execute the reports ( Our finance does not have any problem with that) . Or we should run the reports first then Make a code to adjust the poting date??

Witch is better?


If your finance department doesn’t have a problem with re-opening closed periods, then go ahead and do that. The alternative is, as you experiensed, G/L-entries in current year.

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in that way i’ll do not have any risk in future executions?

You mean whether you have to reopen periods again some time?
If you are and you care about staying up to date in your inventory, I dare to say “no”.

I just mean when i’ll do re open the accounting period for the first execution then close it. When i run the report for the next time without reopen the accounting period could that have any bad consequences?

Hey Ali,

In Navision once period is closed you can not reopen

How you can reopen the accounting period. ?

I just do that with make enable editing both Fiscally Closed and Closed fields on the Accounting period table. The result was perfect in lab environment.

You can open the period only one year prior to closed year. if its more then 1 year prior to closed year, its not enable to open.



My question is how did your accounting department go 2 years without noticing this issue?

Hi babrown,

I really don’t know but they didn’t generate their annual reports with Nav (they do that with an other softwre). When it was assigned to me to work with them since a short, their most important problem is the production and consumption valuation ( the accounts are almost empty); when we rechecked i found that they did not executed the Adjust cost - item entries before. that’s why value entry gets the cost null.

ok, i suggest and tryed this solution " re-open the accounting period" to run the report and they are ok with that. My problem is that solutiojn make my Data base very large and take hours !

What i’m seeking is a confirmation or suggestion from experts about that solution, till now i just have Anfinnur who is “presque” OK.


You might be better off “driving a stake in the ground” and initializing a new database.

This will be the best solution. thanks