Adjust cost after sale

Dear all expert

I am using Navision 2009 Classic. During my sale, i didn’t input any unit cost since i start using Navision. Now i sold about 1000 unit of items, but my cost of goods sold account is still Zero. So, i will have to run the cost adjustment right? Is it correct? What are the step of doing so? Please kindly help me to solve this question out.

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Cost in Sales order is informative, taken from ItemCard at the moment of creation, if it exists there, and you do NOT need to worry about it’s correctness. You may even sell BEFORE you have registered the purchase, but physically goods are already present.

Yes, and it must be done on regular basis (day, week, month - depends of transaction amount). Remember, you might have later added some indirect costs later, too.

  1. run Adjust Cost - Item Entries… batchjob;
  2. run Post Inventory Cost to G/L batchjob.

these both are under FinManagement / Inventory

These are the correct steps.

If you later go to Statistics (F9) on the posted sales invoice, You will both find the Original Cost at Order Entry but also the Actual Cost after adjust cost have been run.