Adjust Additional-Currency Amount on vendors


I am using NAV 2009 and I need to adjust the amount of some accounts and conversely, I also need to adjust the additional-currency amount of some other accounts.

Adjusting Amount on Customers, Vendors and G/L account is working well using the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job. But when I try to adjust Additional-Currency Amount on vendors account, nothing happens!!!

The batch job is working fine I when I adjust a G/L account directly but when I try to adjust vendors account (linked to same G/L account) no adjustment is made.

Any hint on how to adjust Additional-Currency Amount on vendors accounts ?


ARC fields exist only in GL Ledger, and are a simple recalc from LCY to ARC.

Besides, adjustments are done ONLY to OPEN entries, i.e. unallocated entries. If Open=No in Cust. / Vend. / Bank Ledgers, no adjustment will be performed, even if you add/update Cyrr.Exchange rate for date(s) in question. Closed transactions will never be updated, as there is no need for this anymore.

Purpose for these adjustments is revaluating of open entries (amounts still due) in FCY according actual current exchange rate, to reflect the actual amount(s) due in LCY.

Hi Modris,

Thanks for your feedback. Not sure I have made my issue clear. I understand the principle of the adjustments. My issue is that I have open entries in Vendors ledger. These amount are well adjusted when I select the option “Adjust Amount” as the Exchange Rate Adjustment (COA Account Card > Reporting tab) meaning that FCY amount are well adjusted.

Now I want to adjust the additional currency amount on a Vend. ledger. So, I select “Adjust Additional-Currency Amount” in the Reporting tab. I do have open transactions in my Vendor ledger but no adjustment is made when I run the batch job.

Hope I am much clear. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi All,

Just to put my request simpler with the hope that I get more suggestions: Are Vendors ledger accounts adjusted when “Adjust Additional-Currency Amount” option in the Reporting tab is selected and the adjust batch job is run?

Thanks in advance.