Adj Items Cost/ Prices and Adj Item Cost Entries

Dear Sirs,

I am a new user of Navision W1 6.00, i would like to know when do we need to run Adj Items Cost/ Prices and Adj Item Cost Entries. We are using Average costing method. WE currently give an inventory consumption report each week, my problem is that at the end of the month when i close the inventory period we run Adj Items Cost/ Prices and Adj ItemCost Entries, and our weekly report does not matched with the closing account. Can we run the Adj Items Cost/ Prices and Adj ItemCost Entries weekly before giving a report? (we are cost plus project, our books are open to the client and they are asking the weekly consumption of materials we issued to the project)

These are used for completely different purposes.

bulk update of PRICES, for details read Help

this one you must run on regular basis (together with Post Item costs to GL), to keep accurate COSTING info. How often - that depends on transaction amount and neccessity of precise costing data, many companies run these every night, but (once a month is considered to be the longest interval.

Navision enters approximate costing info, when you create your sales docs, grabbing data from ItemCards, but it is NOT absolutely accurate, especially, if you enter some indirect costing data later, as logistics and transport fees, customs taxes, and like. When you run ACIE, this additional expenses are added, as well as precise FIFO, AVG etc cost is calculated and Item Ledger entries are updated (actually new Item Value Entries added). For these updates to hit the GL. too, you must run the other batchjob, Post Costing to GL, it’s right below the ACIE in menu.

we are using NAV 2009 SP1,

thanks for the info, i will run it every night to have the balance updated.

ill post my review after closing the Feb accounts this month to check for any irregularities