Addon Charges

Dear All,

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i want solution for the below query please help me.

(1) I have purchase 2 item X and Y total quantity for each is 100 so total for 2 items it is 200.

now i created two more items which is A & B which dont have any quantity.

now as i purchase item X and Y with cost of 10 $ each so total value of item X and Y is 2000 $.

now i want to remove 50 qty from each item X and Y and want to have some printing on it and the charges for the printing is 1 $ each.

so how can i add this charges on this items.

for quantity i will make movement journal from X and Y to A & B so qty will move but at same time i want additional charges also to be apply on A & B and want to track additional charges (printing charges) also.

please give me your valuable suggestion.

Assuming you are not going to use production and sub-contracting to transform one item into another (the printed item should be a separate item number as it is different) then all you can do is add a misc charge to the original PO and process the service invoice for the printing - basically look at miscellaneous charges and see if you can use them to reflect what you are trying to achieve.

Dear Adam,

thanks your response.

as per your solution i got one more idea where i will make credit not for this item with 50 qty to printing supplier.

so item qty will be removed from my stock as well as the amount from my inventory.

now when i will get my items back i will make purchase order to same printing supplier and will add additional charges as printing charges so this will add extra charges on my item and this will solve my issue.

This would impact on costing, unless you were financially going to credit the supplier you are sending them to? Better is to move it to a vendor warehouse and then book them back when complete and leave the service of printing as unrelated. Alternatively create a new item, create a BOM journal and book it into stock consuming the input from the vendor warehouse - then apply the misc charge to uplift inventory cost and align with the service invoice that is inbound.