Additional Reporting Currency

I am using the Additional Reporting Currency capability in Attain ver 3.1 for the first time. It appears that Navision uses the Exchange Rate from the Currency rate on the posting date rather than the date of the transaction. If this is correct does that mean that you can’t have several different transaction dates on the same (say) General Journal and have the system pick up the Excahnge Rate for each transaction date. Please clarify. Also how do you get the system to revalue assets and liabilties based on the additional currency rate of (say) Balance Date? Thank You

Take a look at the “Exchange Rate Adjustment” field on the GL Account card (Reporting tab) and the online help. Also take a look at the Periodic Activity “Adjust Exchange Rate”. There is to much information about these areas try and summarize. If you are an NSC then you can find good documentation in Navision Financial Management Partner Training Manual.

HI, Additional Reporting currency works on the logic that the exchange rate would be the exchange rate on the posting date specified in the options tab of the ‘Adjust Exchange Rate’ batch job. If my understanding is correct it does not take the transaction date as the date for additional reporting currency.

Hi Baken, 1. The additional reporting currency takes the exchange rate as on the date of transaction. The exception is if you introduce the additional currency in the set up after the transactions have been posted. This is in situations where the Addnl.Currenc was not used in the company and subsequently you decided to introduce it in the GL Setup. In such a scenario the existing transactions (already posted) will be translated in the exchange rate prevailing on the work date of introducing such setup. 2. In order to adjust the Addnl.Currency amounts in the GL to the current prevailing exchange rates you will have to do 2 things a. Specify the adjustment ex.rate in the Currency Setup (not the normal exchange rate but the field specific for adjustments) b. As Krupesh mentioned earlier to run the “Adjust Currency Exchange rate” batch job with the boolean for “adjust for addnl.rep.currency” in the “options” tab switched on Have fun ! Cheers…