Adding "Vendor Lot" on "Item Tracking Lines" Page in D365BC

I ran into a problem adding a new field “Vendor Lot” on the “Tracking Specifications” table in the “Item Tracking Lines” page.

  1. To get here, Purchase Order → Line → Item Tracking Lines.

  2. New Field “Vendor Lot” appears, but, data entered isn’t saved.

  3. Page Inspections reveals the “Source Table is Temporary”.

I’ve been digging around trying to find more about adding the “Vendor Lot”. I’ve found NAV examples and not D365BC examples.

It appears there are four tables which need to be updated, but, I can’t seem to update any of these tables using triggers. (“Reservation Entry”, “Tracking Specification”, “Item Journal Line”, & “Item Ledger Entry”.)

Any suggestions or links to help me write the “Vendor Lot” correctly?

Running Dynamics 365 Business Central in the Cloud Sandbox environment.

Thank you!