Adding Uploaded Excel sheet from a submitted Form to Power Automate - Send Email

We have a MS Form that we have created a Send Email Power Automation form. Part of the form is that the responder uploads and Excel sheet. When the email notice is coming through, it is giving a link that is saying is not accessable. I also tried adding that respond as an attachment to the email but that didn’t work either. How do we get a working link for the excel sheet or the excel attached ot the email?

Multiple Direct Source Talent - Upload Excel File : [{“name”:“direct_source_Angela Holland, CSP 1.xlsx”,“link”:“Sign in to your account”:null}]

We were able to figure this out…
Another user created the form (he did not create a “Group” form). So the file that we were uploading to the form was going to into his One Drive, because he created the form. Forms creates a folder inside the persons that created the form One Drive. Since I didn’t have access to his One Drive, I couldn’t pull the spreadsheet from the Power Automate email notification (no access error). We recreated the form under a Group group, which I do have access to and linked that form to the Power Automation instead and was able to access the file uploaded to the form. In short:
If the user that is trying to access the file in the form (or the email link from the Power Automate email notification) has access to either the personal One Drive folder (of the user that created the form) or the Groups Shared Drive (if the form is created as a Group Form), then they can access the file that is uploaded to the form.

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