adding text box in the report

i am customizing a report in NAV 2013 but i am not able to display the value in that textbox from a table. i have entered a textbox and also kept the necessary expression in Visual studio

Can you share some more details?

which report and which field?

Yes, I am also looking forward for more details as well. I am very much crazy to learn the visual studio but, I am newbie over here. Can you please give me the briefly description over here?

i have created a new field in a page called purchase invoice and i have also created a new column in the corresponding table. now i need the value i entered in that new field in the “purchase invoice” report when i print or preview the report. but unfortunately i am not able to have that data in the report. i have also used all the data expression in Visual Studion as well but the data is not being printed.

Did you add that new field in NAV Development Environment before adding it in Visual studio?

yes i have done that too…!!!

Can you show us the rdlc layout screenshot please?

also please check whether you are getting data in “About this Report”