Adding surcharges to PO's

I recall that there is somewhere in NAV that I can add a steel surcharge percentage to either items or a vendor. Can anyone help me out with this. I would rather add it to the vendor card as it is more specific. Thanks all

You can increase item cost from vendor’s trough item charges.

You can’t automatically insert an item charge based in invoice total amount. However you can create a standard purchase code in Vendor Card and assign a total amount for a steel amount.

After you insert an item charge in invoice you can equally distribute cost among items in invoice.

Actually the surcharge feature was from older versions, and was superceded wth a new system called Charge Items. Charge Items are more acurate, but they are also more work.

But the old system is still there, it is the “Indirect Cost %” field on the Item card. Though I agree with you it makes more sense for it to be on the Vendor card, and in fact most customers I know that use Indirect Cost % modify Navision to use it from the Vendor Card. It should not be a big job for your Dynamics Partner to make this change.

Indirect Cost % is an estimate of the additional costs associated with the item after it’s in your inventory. This is NOT what the vendor is actually charging you for the surcharge.

The surcharge amount should be based on whatever the vendor is actually invoicing you, therefore, using the item charge would be the best way to go about it.