Adding other fields to an email alert in AX 2009

I have created an email alert to tell me when the life cycle code of an item changed to “6” (our absolete life cycle code). I do get an email alert, however, the alert does not tell me the item number that has changed.

I created the alert in Item Management → Common Forms → Item Detail

On the General tab, I right clicked on the Life Cycle Code field and selected Create Alert Rule to notify me of items whose Life Cycle Code changes to a 6. Is there something I can do on this form to have AX tell me the item number that changed?

Thanks, in advance, for yoru help.

I think you must be able to see the item number some where in “notified for” field or “Message” field in the alert.

about e-mail notification to have the same, you should consider changing your e-mail template to have something like this.

Microsoft Dynamics AX alert notification as e-mail:

For: %for%
Company: %company%
Event: %subject%

Please check on Create alert or Manage alert rules on.

Or You can write a custom code to modify the alert as per your need. Put this code in a method and call this method
EventNotificationSync alert;
MenuFunction MenuFunction;

str dataSourceName;

dataSourceName = tablestr(“Table name”);
MenuFunction = new MenuFunction(menuitemdisplaystr("MenuitemName), MenuItemType::Display);
alert = EventNotificationsync::newInfo(“subject Message”,
“Your body message”,
“Your header message with all details”,