Adding new field to VendInvoiceInfoTable

Hi All,

I added a new field to VendInvoiceInfoTable. I try to edit from VendInvoiceInfoListPage. VendEditInvoice form runs. I update my field, save and exit. Edit again and I see my update dispappeared.

I checked recid fields and vendinvoiceinfotable before edit and after edit, see recid fields are different. I think when push edit button, Axapta copy VendInvoiceInfoTable record to another with skip my field… How can I make edit button run without skip my field?

did you had you code in \Data Dictionary\Tables\VendInvoiceInfoTable\Methods\copyFromHeader?

did you had your code in \Data Dictionary\Tables\VendInvoiceInfoTable\Methods\copyFromHeader?

I found the solution. Put this code to copyFromHeader method of this table:

this.myfield = _header.myfield;

Thank you Khanti,

You found the solution… [:)]

I am having a similar issue with the VendInvoiceInfoTable. I followed the suggestion listed here but it still seems to not be working. I’ve added the code into the copyFromHeader method to capture my custom fields but when I reopen the form, I still don’t see the data. Also, I put a break point on the copyFromHeader method. I click Edit, enter my values and then click the Close button, but the copyFromHeader method never fires.

Just wondering if anyone has any insights on this?

This could be running in IL. Have you generated the CIL after your change?

Unmark the “Execute business operation in IL” in Tools → options → development to debug the code running in IL(if you want to use Morphx debugger).

Or you can you use the visual studio to debug the code running on IL