Adding model in TFS is pulling in all layer projects

I setup a TFS 2012 system for an AX 2012 environment and move a CUS layer model into it. The model existed in the environment before installing TFS. After checking in the model, the system shows all the projects in the CUS layer as part of the model, including a lot that are not part of the model. Is there something that needs to be done differently in this type of setup? Can I just right click and move those projects back to the CUS layer model?


Sorry, what do you mean by “the system shows all the projects as part of the model, including a lot that are not part of the model”? Are they in the model or not? If not, what “the system shows” means, exactly?

Hi Martin,

The original model only had 10 projects in it. After adding the model to TFS all the projects in the CUS layer (about 20) show they are part of the model. When I highlight the project, it shows “STTModel” on the model property. When I look under the TFS/STTModel/Model/Projects/Shared folder all the CUS layer projects are listed here.

None of the objects in the projects in the STTModel are also in the other CUS layer projects. When I try to move the STTModel to a testing environment, I get multiple conflicts. When I push the conflicts, they are the other projects but they are blank.

My first though is to just move the projects that are not part of the STTModel back to CUS layer (right click on the project, move to model and select CUS model). Not knowing what caused them to be added in the first place makes me wonder if that will even fix it.


All right, so you have some projects (and their content, I suppose) in a different model than you would like.

Then you have some conflicts in your test environments. It seems that your model actually has references to objects another model that you’re not installing, such as the CUS model. You have to analyze whether your STTModel contains objects that shouldn’t be there, or it actually misses objects that should be there.

It’s not really related to TFS so far.

You surely can move objects between models (when you analyze the problem and decide what should go where). If you move objects from a model in TFS to a model outside TFS, I assume that all such objects will be automatically checked out for delete. Nevertheless you’ll see when you try it.