Adding Misc charge for the purchase order line explicitly


i have scenario like i will receive some bulk amount againist the Purchase order. I need to split that whole amount across lines based on the line amount.

This additional amount need to be added as misc charge for that Purch line.

if any body is having the logic which adds misc charge record againist the purch line, can you please share with me or please share your ideas on how to achieve this ?

Thanks in advance,

Praveen Kumar B.

There is already a standard function to do this under the financials button on the purchase line.

There are two options for assigning Misc. charges.

  1. Header level → Action Pane-> Purchase tab → charges button group → Maintain charges.

If you do not know what amount should be assigned at line level,this should be used as it will automatically assign the charges according to the line level.

  1. Line level → As Adam suggested above.