Adding fields you can't see

If I want to add in a field to a report that I can’t find in the field picker, because the data is in a different table, how do I get the system to recognise another table has fields I wish to choose from?

I really am this dumb. Yes.

You need to get the value through coding…

Are you a customer or partner?

Ah, that sounds like an onimous question… Customer. Why, is it likely to be a huge exercise for me? [:D]

yes…you need experts for that…

Please contact your partner…

You can always look at already created reports to see how it was done on those report.

You can read the Application Designers Guide that came with your product cd - it has a section on reports.
Also Downloadable from here: (w1w1adg.pdf)

For a quick example. Say your dataitem is “ITEM”. One of the fields in the item table is “Vendor No.”.
So lets say you would like to see the vendor’s name instead of the Vendor No. next to an item on the report.
For that you will need to GET the name from the VENDOR table.
In your Report you will add a global Var named “Vendor”. The datatype will be “Record”. The Subtype will be the table “Vendor”
You can also add a field called “VenName”. The datatype will be “TEXT”. The length = 30.

OnAfterGetRecord() trigger

if Vendor.GET(Item.“Vendor No.”) then
VenName := Vendor.Name else
VenName := ‘Error - No Match’;

Add a field to your report and make the sourceexp property of the field “VenName” and it will appear.

I think you meant VendName right :wink:

Mohana, there are things that partners should do, of course, but there are still many things customers can do for themselves, and one of those is reports. If the customer has paid for the report designer, then why shouldn’t they use it. Getting a linked record is very simple (as Harry has shown).

Yes, Agreed… but it needs proper training…