adding fields to Sales Line, Purch. Line

Hello, Disclaimer: this is my first post, so if this message belongs elsewhere please let me know… Our company uses Navision 3.60.A (3.60). It has been customized in various ways by a solutions developer, but I am now tasked with adding a set of new fields to two custom tables (in the 50000 range) as well as both the AP and Sales side Line Items tables (Sales Line, Sales Invoice Line, Purch. Line, Purch. Inv. Line). I can add the fields to the “Purchase Line”, “Purchase Header”, “Sales Invoice Line”, “Sales Invoice Header” tables without problem, but when I try to add the fields to the “Sales Line” or “Sales Header” table I get the error message: >> “You do not have read permissions for the Service Document Register Table” I have what amounts to full privileges in the database, though (SUPER role). I’ve tried also adding myself to the other roles but to no avail. Obviously this is a problem because I need to add the fields to the Sales Line and Sales Header tables or else the TRANSFERFIELDS function in the posting routine won’t move the data to the Sales Invoice Header, Sales Invoice Line tables. Anyone know how to gain access to this table?

Hello, I think the problem is this: If you go to table 36 (Sales Header) and go to the first blank line after the fields in the table designer & go View → Properties. In the property list you will find a property called: Permissions - This will have some permissions for the Service Document Register table. There is code in the Sales Header table that will update the Service Document Register table under certain circumstances in the background. As the user does not have permission for this table directly the Sales Header has been given these permissions on their behalf. You probably do not have this table on your licence - To test this, find it in the object designer & try to run it. If it is not on your licence, you will not be able to do anything with it (Including change other objects that have permissions for it) even if you are a super user. You probably have two options: a) Ask your NSC to add the fields for you. b) If you are certain that you do not and never will use the Service Document Register table, you can delete the permission. Personnaly I would go for the former instead of cutting out standard functionality. Hope this is of some help.

I would think that MBS would have to cut a new license to include this object. The permissions are base 3.60 and a designer’s license should be able to add fields. This isn’t a protected table? Just another idea.