Adding Date ranges as filter to report by Overriding Fetch Method

Hi I’m New to Ax.

Currently I have a task to add TransDate as a Range from the VendTrans table to filter the VendTable, and This Range must be created using dialog by overriding the fetch method of the report.

I have tried many times but still its not working…

and my report datasource have VendTable alone…

Here the pic shows the Report


and Here the Dialog form shows how the TransDate should be added as a FromDate & ToDate Range in Dialog box


Please do reply Asap, please suggest me a code for this…

Thank you everyone

Add VendTrans as an additional data source to your query and add ranges (without values) for TransDate field. It will be displayed in the dialog and records will be filtered accordingly.

If you insist on having “From date” a “To date” in the dialog, I would recommend simply adding ranges to the query as runtime and not changing the default fetching mechanism at all.

Thanks martin… Its working … :slight_smile: