Adding customer Name column in General Ledger Entries

Hi Experts,

Is there a way to add an additional column in the general ledger entry screen? I tried using the object designer to add the customer name but unfortunately it was not in the field menu. Do you guys have any idea? Thanks

In GLEntry table there are Source Type & Source No fields. Put these on GL Journal form.

For entries other than Type=GLAcc Navision updates these fields automatically - but there you’ll see CustCode, not Descr(Name).

Hi SIr Modris,

Thanks for the reply! That was great. but is there a way to add the customer name? because in my client’s previous Navision, they were able to add the customer name and not the source no. and they are looking for, now that they are upgrading their NAV version.

Indeed there is Customer Name field on the GL Entry table. If you want to add it to it you will need to write some code for it as there is no direct relation between GL Entry table and Customer table. That’s why NAV has the navigation feature to find links between related postings.

Oops, I wrote: “Indeed there is Customer Name field on the GL Entry table”, but the NO had felt out. [:$]


Indeed there is NO Customer Name field on the GL Entry table.

It is possible to create a field in table 17, a flowfield, using LookUp. But problem is that you cannot include “Source Type” as condition. And if you then have a Vendor and a Customer having same Id, NAV will lookup the Customer, even if the entry originates from the Vendor.

“My way” is to create a function (e.g. in form 20), which returns a text(50). And the add a column in the form, where source expression is the function itself.

The funtion checks if current record has “Source Type”::Customer and “Source No.” <> ‘’; if then try to fetch the customer and exit the customer name (or what ever).
If you use this method, you cannot search or filter this column.

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I have been looking for that already a long time and still did not find it. Could you explain me how?

Thanx in advance.

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