Adding Credit Memo's to Cash Applied report 10041

I am trying to include Credit Memo’s to the Cash Applied Report 10041. Right now it only selects Payments.

I have tried modifying the Properties of the Cust. Ledger Entry Data Item Table View with no success. Either I get only Payments or get only Credit Memo’s.

Here is the properties:

SORTING(Document Type,Customer No.,Posting Date) WHERE(Document Type=CONST(Payment))

Is there anyway to include an OR statement after the WHERE statement OR (Document Type = CONST (Credit Memo))

Thanks in advance,


Hi Greg,

You must use WHERE (Document Type=FILTER(Payment|Credit Memo))

Thanks Eric,

The old pipe symbol…


You’re welcome, but also remember the FILTER instead of CONST…


I’m getting an error message when I compile it.

A ‘)’ is missing in TransferFormulaData.

SORTING(Document Type,Customer No.,Posting Date) WHERE(Document Type=CONST(Payment|Credit Memo))

Yes, because CONSTs only allows for one value. You must use FILTER instead.

All set Erik.

Fixed now. I was using the CONST like you said…