Adding Company Logo to Reports

Hi 1. Where can I use my company logo as in Nav4 there is no place to see that logo?? 2. How can i insert that logo on reports?? Thanks.

Hi, You can import the logo into the company information form and see it over there. To insert a log on report, go to the report where you want the logo appears, insert a picture object, then relate the pictures to the image you stored on company information form. Thanks, Trin

Hi can anyone help me step by step to insert a logo on a report. I’m new on that and I relly need all steps to do that. Thanks

There are two common ways of adding a company Logo to a report. 1/ Print a bit map on the report. This method is fine for small icons and such, but is not really the way to do it. In this case, you save the Logo on your local drive, and set its file name as the source for an image control. 2/ The better way is to store the Logo in the Companylogo BLOB field in the Company Information Table. A function is already there to import the Logo, (which must be a bitmap). Adding the logo to the report is fairly straight forward, and if you have basic report designer access you should be fine. Create a variable of type Record eg: CompanyInfo : Record " “Comapny Information” (table 79). Add a control to the report of type “Picture Box” (the boat on the moving waves) and set the source expression to “CompanyInfo.Picture” Now the slightly complex bit. You have to get the company info record, and then update the blob. To do this, find the first DataItem on the report, Press F9, and in the OnPreDataItem section add the following OnPreDataItem() CompanyInfo.Get; CompanyInfo.Calcfields(Picture); Now the logo should print on your report. PS I hope you don’t mind my moving this into this Forum.

Thanks David! No I dont mind. I’m new in that anyway.

Great explaination david it has helped me a lot

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Glad to be of help. [Y]

david can u plz tell me how to update a table from report in detail .

I want to update a new table created by me

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Take a ook at this thread, it should give you some pointers:

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Hi Yasho,

Refer the link