Added fields in planned orders screen not showing data

Hi everybody, I posted this question both in the end user forum and developers because I think the answer could be in either one or the other…

Through right click\Personalize\Add fields button; over the planned order screen in master planning I tryied to add the following native fields
Net requirements.Customer account
Net requirements.Customer group
Net requirements.Plan group

I was expecting to have this information for demand forecast records that are customer related, but nothing was shown, then I enter a customer order, run master planning again, but these fields remains blank.

Does anybody knows what process would fill in these fields or if they will no get any data at all?

Many thanks!

In which version of AX?

If it’s AX 2012, I assume you’re talking about ReqTransPOListPage form and ReqTrans table, correct?

You are referencing the Net Requirements, which is the ReqTrans table, which holds the supply and demand. The demand forecast if specified against a customer would show in the ReqTrans table but from the planned order screen you dont see the issue, you see the supply and it does not write the customer to the supply because it can move on every run (I am guessing). You will not see data in the customer fields when the screen is showing planned orders (I believe).

Your title makes sense when you still have the data in table and personalize doesn’t show them in the form.

If you are a developer you can look at the cross references of the fields and see the situations that updates these fields.