Add Custom field in Base Data Entity in D365

Hi All,

i want to add custom field in base/standard Data Entity. For doing this work we have two approach:-

  1. First Create Extension of Standard data entity and add custom field in data entity & also their staging table.

  2. Create new data entity & add base standard data entity as a datasource in new created entity & also create their staging table for mapping.

So i want take the better option in both of them which one is better than other and Why ?

Only the first solution meets your requirement “to add custom field in base/standard Data Entity”. The other is making a new entity, not adding a field to the standard entity.

The recommend approach is avoiding code duplication, because duplication means maintenance costs and the risk of getting out of sync.

Nevertheless imagine a situation when you want to make more complex changes and you want to keep the standard entity intact and keep using it as before, and use your new entity for a specific scenario (e.g. a kind of integration). Or you need changes that can’t be done by extensions. Then it’s time to create a new entity, possible starting with a copy of a standard entity.

thanks for reply.