Add Creation date from G/L Register to G/L Entry Table

I have only been using NAV for a short time, but the little i have leaned i was able to add a Field in the G/L Entries table and how it in RTC.

What i still do not know how to accomplish is to link the creation date in the G/L Register table. I am only currently pulling the date if it falls at the ends of the range in the “From Entry No|To Entry No.” fields in the G/L Register.

How can i modify this field to be able to look for Entry Nos. that fall within this range and pull the corresponding Creation Date?

Thank you all for you assistance.


I am not sure if you really need to create a FlowField to show it on the General Ledger Entries page in RTC.

You could add a CreationDate variable of Date to the page global itself and also a Record variable of G/L Register probably local to OnAfterGetRecord trigger, and then paste this code there in OnAfterGetRecord:

CreationDate := 0D;
GLRegister.SETFILTER(“From Entry No.”,’<=%1’,“Entry No.”);
GLRegister.SETFILTER(“To Entry No.”,’>=%1’,“Entry No.”);
IF GLRegister.FIND(’-’) THEN
CreationDate := GLRegister.“Creation Date”;