add column to Purchase Order

hey, anybody knows how to add column to PO in NAV? for example I want to see the " on sales order quantity" on PO.

Hi ,

could you more clarify what do you , mean please ?



First, are you creating a new field or adding an existing field?

Depending on your license you may or may not be able to do either. I would contact your NAV Partner directly and have them do it. They can provide you with the proper training in this area and tell you what your license allows you to do.

There is a calculated field on item list called “quantity on sales order” which shows the quantity committed.

i don’t have this field on my PO, it is not listed on " show all columns" too.

Right now, I have track each item down to see the committed quantity, it works but many clicks needed if there are many items.

try by creating a flow filed in Purchase Line table with CalcFormula

Sum(“Sales Line”.“Outstanding Qty. (Base)” WHERE (Document Type=CONST(Order),Type=CONST(Item),No.=FIELD(No.)))

hey thanks for the reply.

But how I get to “creating a flow field” in Purchase line table?

firstly go to object designer?


I just found that we don’t have license to change anything in table area…not sure how much is the license?

You can’t even add fields? Are you trying to save the new fields in the id range of 50000+?

i went to Object Design, I can see the “table”, but could not proceed with “new”,“design” “run”,

Alert message is === you don’t have right to run “design, table,basic” system.

I hope you are not the super user of database?

John, do as Matt says: contact your NAV-partner.


can you show me how to let a new FieldC = FieldA * FieldB in “FieldC - OnValidate” ?


Lets say a = 5 and b = 6

then you can enter 5*6 in c directly which will calculate result.