Add Blob field onto a report


New to all this so please accept my appologies if a little slow

I am trying to add a blob image from the company information table onto a report - NAV 4 SP3. This is not the picture field but a created field.

I have set pre report CALCFIELDS but it does not appear on the report
CompanyInfo.CALCFIELDS(CompanyInfo.“Anachem logo”);

Any ideas where i am going wrong

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Where did you write above code and where did you add your Picture Box?

hi Mohana.

Thanks for replying

I put the above code in the Report - OnPreReport CAL code,

The Picture Box is added to a body section of a report. The

The company information does contain the image. Not sure what else to do

Check whether you have CompanyInfo.GET; code any where else in Onpredataitem or OnAfterGetrecord triggers…

Can you add the picture in form and check whether it is showing or not…

Hi thank you so much. I have added the code to the predataitem and the picture box is displayed. Have tested by changing the blob field.

I am now just testing the sizes of the images so if i have any problems i will come back but again thankyou. I have spent ages looking at this. Even the support company didnt come good