ADCS Error

hi, i have installed ADCS as per the ADCS manual, but it did not work. when i run hyper terminal to test the ADCS, the hyper terminal screen is blank. the version of ADCS i am using is 3.70. i have checked the event log, and i have an error message that says: CAN NOT FIND PIPE: Assure the pipe server is started, check share name.

Hi jordan Regarding ADCS check for following steps if your are using Navision Prop. Database --install client --install NDS --install NAS --install ADCS You NAS might not be working. Set all the parameters of NAS properly company name is case sensitive, NAS name you can leave blank by default it will take NAS1. According you have to set the pipe name in windows registry. Pipe name you can check in Application Log of event viewer. set same pipe name of request and reply. NAS will work, once NAS works there is no problem. Keep updating Paramjit

i have found out what went wrong. the services needs to be started in a particular sequence. 1. VT 100 plugin 2. navision db server 3. navision NAS 4. navision communication service after the service was started in this order, i could open the hyper terminal and connect to the server. :slight_smile: