Active directory and AOS connection

Hi Everyone,

Please could anyone help me solve this problem.

what are the possible reasons for getting the error “Connection to the APplication object Server could not be established”.

how can we check the health of Connection between AD and AOS?


Check the Axapta services ? If it is stopped will face this error…

start the services…

Naresh Kolli

The services are runnning fine. No issues.

and the users from one domain i.e., where the AOS is installed are connecting. only issue with users from other domains.

I ran the Test SID job.The user SID is not displayed for the users from other domains.

Hai syed,

check whether all the domains are in trust relationship… if so they will be able to access the aos even if they are in differnt domain.

Well, They are in two way trust and the trust is working fine becuase the users from different domains can access the terminal server (The client is installed here). They all use the client on the terminal server. They connect to Terminal sErver through Remote Desktop. They can connect to terminal server but after that when the client starts it pops up this error message “Connection to the object Server could not be established”

Hi Syed,

The fact that the AOS service is running indicate that AOS is able to connect to AD without any errors.

From your description it appears that AX client in Terminal Server is not able to connect to AOS.

Are you able to ping AOS server from the Terminal Server?


Hi Syed,

In that case, first rule out that AOS is not rejecting client requests. You may do this by running an AX client on the AOS server itself.

If AOS is not rejecting requests, then make sure the AX Client Configuration utility in Terminal Server (TS) is pointing to the correct AOS.

If you are able to do the above successfully but still TS AX clients fails, then it must be a network issue such as firewall blocking the port etc.