Activate Price for Items on InventItemPrice Form

I need to Update Prices for bulk of items for each warehouse. The Activate Price button is on InventItemPrice Form (Path: PIM > Released Products > Manage Cost > Item Price). I have a process where I am using the same code of that Activate Price button to update prices for bulk products for each ware house. So the activate Button will go one by one (each product with each warehouse) at one time and will activate. If I do this way, it is taking lot of time to update prices for bulk amount of Products. Is there any other alternative for this to Activate price for bulk products? I observed one more thing in this process, if there are multiple records in InventTrans for an Item then in the process of this activation, InventStdCostAdjust::adjustCostFinancialTrans method has a query which loops as many times as the records in inventTrans which is making this process hangup/making slow because some items have 1000’s of records in that table for each item. So to conclude this, I would need some help or need some tips about Best Approach to Activate Prices for Bulk Products(70000 approx)(5warehouses).

You can also activate prices from a costing version. It will activate all the pending prices related to that costing version.
You can also execute it in batch.

Do you mean site?

Yes. its Site. Can you brief me the steps of updating prices using costing version please.

Inventory Management → setup → costing → Costing versions.
select the costing version and click on Activate. It will open a dialog, you will have options to choose whether to activate purchase, sales , cost prices and you can also select range of items or you can execute for all items.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for the reply. I looked in to what you mentioned about activating prices by using Costing version. But I can see the same thing is happening here. Its activating one item+site at a time just like how its happening in Path: PIM > Released Products > Manage Cost > Item Price > Activate). I guess this would take time too. I tried to check if i can increase number of tasks while running batch from cost version. I am not sure where i can increase number of tasks. Can you suggest me how to increase the number of tasks so i will see if using this multulpe might decrease time consumption for 70000 records.

Yes, it would use the same logic. But this will reduce the time to go to each item and activate the price.
There is no specific extra batch helper mechanism for this task (like inventory closing). You can use all standard batch capabilities.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. This is Raas.

I tried to run it multiple times to see if it works in multiple tasks. But this is throwing error/warnings saying another xxx is already updating this cannot update it. So Using this, I can run for activating all prices at a time but not able to do it in multiple tasks. I have seen a hot fix which says improving performance for activating prices. I will check that and will keep you posted.