Activate Item Number in Item Form AX2009

Dear all,

Inventory Management > Item Details > item lines

I have wrongly inactive one of the item, can any1 help me to show how to activate this item back?

Thank you.

Not sure what does this mean?

you can stop the item form being posted with different transactions(sales/purchase/inventory) from default order setting using Stopped check mark

Hi Kranthi,

when you go to Inventory management/ item details- you can see the few row of item numbers. I wrongly ticked the inactivate for a particular item number, and that item number is now disappeared from Item Form. How can I re-active this item?

please help, thank you.

It is non-standard, you would need to refer to the specification that designed the customization.

Agree with Adam, there is no option like activate/inactivate an item in standard, you can only Stop/hold the item as discussed.