Acess child from from parent form

Dear all,

I want to know whether child form is opened or not in parent form…

how can i know this, please help me to sort out this issue.



Hi Rajendra,

Please discribe in detail to understand your issue.

Dear Rajkumar,

I have a header form and child form. I am want to disable some fields when i open child form and enable when i close child form .

How can i do this?



enabilng and disabling fileds in header form.

Hi Rajendra ,

For this you can write code in child data source’s init method for disabling fields .

how can enable and disable field of header form in child form, how can i access header form fields in child form?

Hi Rajendra,

Just make buffer of that datasource and write code like datasource _ds.enabled(false).

As i understand u have a form that has 2 datasource one for header and other for line right?

hi rajkumar,

i think the better way to do this is to write our code in active() method of the child datasorce. is’nt it?

Hi Venkatesh,

can you send me some sample codes ,which will give idea about accessing parent form fields in child form…



override the active method of the child datasource and write your logic…

have a look into this code you may get an idea to wrire logic

while select _CustTrans where _CustTrans.AccountNum==SalesTable.InvoiceAccount
&& _CustTrans.Te_QuotationId==SalesTable.QuotationId




callrec = SalesTable_ds.cursor();

Dear Venkatesh,

Thanks for ur valuable reply…

I have some doubts, i think forms does not support inheritance and fields auto declaration scope is limited for single/current form.

How to declare header form fields in child form?



hi rajendra,

yeah you are right, but here we will design header pat and line part under design node in the form. that design will acces the all datasources which we have added into datasource node. so what the data we want, we can get from that datasorces(some times through links and joins) and we can show in line level and as well as header level. and here we need to do some operations in one level basing on other level for that we have so many methods through which we an achieve this.