Accrue frieght charges

Hi Folks,

I have a scenario as below that needs some guidance on how to solve it.

we issued PO to purchase goods from oversea. E.g. We purchase 10 items form oversea using PO and post receiving and invoice once we get the invoice. However there is some other charges such as port charges that usually we wont know the actual cost. But eventually this cost has to be added to the 10 item equally. The issue here is we usually wont be able to get the port charges vendor invoice on time so we have to accrue this payment until we get the actual invoice but at the same time we have to add the port charges cost to the inventory.

Client is looking for solution like system should post what the estimate freight is at the time of receiving so that when the actual freight comes in it will reverse automatically the estimated freight and put in the actual freight.

Any idea how to achieve this in Ax 2009 ?

I would like to know as well.

There is an option of adding misc. charges after posting PO invoice. So this may serve your purpose.

From PO-Inquiries-invoice - Mis.charges-adjustment.

you dont have to post the esitmates. you can diretly update the actuals.

  • Jagadeesh K