Accrual on transport costs

Dear all,

The goal is to have an accrual of transport costs, not only at month end, but for as long as the invoice of the supplier is not received.

Is it possible to create a Purchase order with only a charge item in it, being eg Transport and then do a posting of the receipt?

The reason for asking is that we have suppliers which take quite some time before sending an invoice.
With posting a receipt I can get the calculated cost in for a transport, before I receive the invoice.
Once I receive the invoice only the possible difference gets posted.
Someone who has experience withythis?

Thanks, Rob

The concept of expected cost wont work for charge items in PO.

The other work around would be using Recurring journal for this kind of provisional entry.


Faisal Bukhari.

Standard NAV does not have the functionality , you need to customize.