Accounts Payables Import

How can I import Account Payable invoices into the Account Payables module.

For something such as an import is there a particular file type as well as format the data needs to be in or is their a template that I can follow?

Which version is it?

NAV 2015

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Only suggestions I have are you can use the rapidstart services (headers first then lines), xmls (headers then lines) or get something developed that creates headers from the lines.

How would use “rapidstart services” for uploading a file for accounts payables?

Hi Erik,

I take it there is not .csv file format or template that I can follow?



Hi Kyle,
There’s no standard functionality to import CSV files you can import into purchase invoices.
Simply because there is no standard CSV file formats for purchase invoices.
So unless you have something like an EDI solution, which allows you to import and validate the formats as data, then there is no other way than getting your Navision developer involved.
Unless we are talking about something different. If this is something you only need to do once, then you could use RapidStart, as Neil suggested. Not the most perfect way, as it would require that you first create the Excel “templates” in NAV and then open the CSV (also in Excel) and use copy paste to the Excel template.


2 templates-1 for each of header (table 38) and lines (table 39). Bit clunky in so many ways but it is an option. Once you have set up the templates you can use as required. Better solution would be a development specific to your requirements but that is not available out of the box. Shame really that copy and paste functionality from excel in Nav for journals not available for documents. Though you could convert invoices to journals but really would not recommend.