accounts payable setup


I am the new dynamics ax. i have the one doubt

what are the accounts payable posting profiles.

can any one tell me examples of posting profiles.

how it work in vendor setup…

Hi Venkatesh,

Accounts payable posting profile is used to post the ledger entries against that vendor.

Whenever you make any vendor transaction, lets say invoice, the ledger account to be posted for a vendor is identified through posting profile.

Its a mandatory field which needs to be defined in PO or any journal line.

Default posting profile is setup in AP parameter whereby system picks the posting profile if not mentioned explicitely in PO.

For Eg: Normally we say when we invoice PO,

Purchase A/c Dr

Vendor a/c Cr

Its the setup in posting profile through which appropiate ledger is hit in COA.

Same thing is applicable in AR also.


hello Pranav kumar…

Thank you very much

can you tell me the 2 or 3 posting profile

Hi Venkatesh,

I didn’t understand by

Are you looking for example?


hi pranav

yes i am looking for examples of posting profiles…



Normally, in AP we make two posting profiles, one for prepayment and the other for general transaction like PO.

In AX, posting profile is flexible enough that one posting profile can accomodate different combination for vendor posting.

You can define posting account for either an individual vendor, for a group or for all vendors.

All you have to do is, while defining accounts, select from the drop down as Table (for a sinle vendor), Group (for a group of vendors), or All(Applicable for all vendors).

Tables are having higher priority over group and then for all vendors.

This is how posting profile works.


Thanks pranav