Accounts Payable Payment Process ?


I have just started working in my companies finance area looking at streamlining their processes are am yet to get my hands to dirty.

However our Accounts Payable team are complaining that they have to re-open every PO by vendor name that they wish to pay to bring it up on the batch to pay.

In other systems I know you are able to bring up everyone who is due for payment and then select all or delselect some that you don’t want pay.

I was wondering if this is function is avalible and if so where I could point my AP team.

We are currently using Navision 3.70 which I know is not the current version. We are looking to upgrade but not until mid to late next year due to other IT demands.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.



Have you tried using the Suggest Vendor Payments routine from the Payment journal?


Hi Paul, firstly welcome to the Dynamics User Group. Good to see more Australian’s joining, even East Coasters [;)]

Looking at your issue, the standard Navision Cheque processing ONLY looks at posted Purchase Invoices, it does not look at Purchase Orders. So the issue of Opening and Releasing, sounds like a modification that your partner has done for you. Or it could be an APAC customization, but since leaving OZ, I really have not looked at the Australian version, so can’t be certain.

Do you know if this area was customized for your company?

David & Andrew,

Thank you for your answers. The suggest vendor payment appears to be the answer that I am looking for.

I have finally got access to a training database and have tested it and it looks right. Now I just need to make sure that the detail which it produces keeps the Accountants happy. It was my not knowing the difference between a Purchase Invoice and a Purchase Order in the system.



Glad it helped.

Feel free to ask questions as you come across them. Its what we are here for.

Hi andrew…

the main thing to differentiate PO & pur. inv is …

If u r making 50 orders & if u suppose making only 30 to invoice… so u can order another 20 in the remaining invoice… Likewise thre may be option that the order to post receipt or invoice or rceipt & invoice…receipt , Quantity issuing are the main things to differniate PO & pur invoices.

i hope u got it.