Account Schedule Showing Days in Columns Using Comparison Date Formula

I am trying to create an account schedule which shows each day of the month (1-31) in the columns, and a GL account, in this case sales, as the rows.

I am using the comparison date formula as D1, D2, D3, etc. with Net Change for GL Entries.

This returns the result as cumulative for each day. So, if I have $100 of sales for each day, I get $100 on D1, $200 on D2, $300 on D3 and so on.

Does anyone know how to get NAV to put the amount of activity for each day into these columns? I would like the report to show, using the example above, D1=$100, D2=$100, D3=$100.

I have tried inserting a column between the two to calculate D2-D1, but this results in a huge messy looking report.

Has anyone tackled this?

Additional challenges: Getting D1 to reflect correct total, dealing with varying numbers of days in a month.

Thanks for the help!

To begin with, You can always drill down to see the G/L entries , to check whether they following.

Hi Kerry.

I played around and this was my design to make it work…

Column Layout

1 net change, comparison date formula = (blank)

2 net change, comparison date formula = (+1D)

3 net change, comparison date formula = (+2D)

4 net change, comparison date formula = (+3D)

5 net change, comparison date formula = (+4D) etc…

Then on the Account Schedule Overview Date trendscape select by Day [1]

I tried to paste a screenshot but could not figure out how to insert inot the forum.

Hope it helps