Account schedule - Ommiting Account having zero value from the report

Hi All

I m creating balancesheet using account schedule… I have listed all the balancesheet account there but i want only those account which are having some values should reflect when i click on overview. Account with zero value should not reflect.

Any suggestions.


IF Ac.Balance = 0 THEN


in on OnAfterGetRecord() triggre of your dataset

In Account schedule desgin there is one field called show …Select the option ‘If any column not zero’. But this will not show the account if all of your column having zero value.

Just give a try.

Hi Amol,

Quick question: I found that the “Show” column has only 4 options, namely, Always, Never, When Positive and When Negative. Is there anything I am missing here? I did not find the ‘If any column not zero’ option at all.


Amol: What is the version you are talking about?

I am using NAV2009R2 and I have below option in show field of Acc. Schedule Line table…

Yes,No,If Any Column Not Zero,When Positive Balance,When Negative Balance

Hi Mohana,

Can u please show me the screenshot, because I am also using 2009 R2 (India DB) but could not find that option.





You are checking in Column Layout table

i.e., Account Schedules–>Functions–>Set up Column Layouts

I am looking in Account Schedule form it self…there also we have show column.

Hi Chinmay,

We are using Navision 2009 R2

As well as Mohana already shown the path . Have you got it ??

Thanks Mohana & Amol!

Yeah I got it.


Thanx Amol and Mohana… but i m not using Navision 2009 R2. I m using 5.0 SP1. I can see only 4 item there in list… that are always, never,when positive and when negative.

I think i have version problem. can you guyz suggest me something else which may work on this version.


I think you are also looking in wrong window…

I have

Yes,No,If Any Column Not Zero,When Positive Balance,When Negative Balance

options in 5.0SP1 database also…

I am sorry guys as i have not put the right path in the forum

Mr Abdus,

Mohana shown the path Kindly check that.

Hi Amol / Mohana

I got it but my problem still exits. I want an account not to be displayed if it has net change as 0.


This is not possible in Account schedule that when your all the value are zero then account will not shown

It is possible in Reports where your write Currreport.skip when all value are zero for entrie row.

Thanx Amol… got it