Account Schedule --> Excel

I’m currently developing an Add-on which allows to export the results of Account Schedules directly to MS-Excel Worksheets. Just to determine the potential number of customers: Is anybody interested? Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

What is this now?? Are we going to actually ask the market before we start developing new prodcts?? This is new. Beware, before we know it, the customer is in charge!! :-))) No, honestly. I would not need a product like this. I would rather use the Navision Analyst (soon to be released). This is also Excel based, and much more flexible than the Account Schedules. /Lars

Hi Lars, I think Navision Analyst can not make more than Account Schedules. Really this is the same functionality, but it is much more difficult to understand to client. I can train client how to use Account Schedules in 4-5 hours and it is ABSOLUTELLY impossible to train clients with Navision Analyst. I am sorry, but it is my opinion. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Valentin, To some extent you are probably right. You can train a relatively eperienced NAVISION user in account shcedules - no problem! But, what about the user who knows Excel very well (and i honestly beleive there are more experienced Excel users than experienced Navision users), but does not know Navision? I don’t agree that Navision Analyst has the same functionality as Account Schedules. Account Schedules work only on G/L (entries and budgets) where Analyst works (in the next version) on all data in Navision. In addition Analyst comes with a number of templates, where you have to create everything from scratch in Account Schedules. But, maybe there is a market for both products. My point is just that I see no need to develop something that you can already acheive with another product. Best regards Lars

What is Navision Analyst and where can I find more details on it? I’ve been looking for decent analysis software for ages. Do you know of any others? Does Navision Analyst work across multiple companies.? Any help would be much appreciated.