Account number for transaction type Vendor settlement discount does not exist

Hi all,

First of all, my apologies if this issue has been covered before. But I have searched around and was unable to find anything.

We are receiving this error message when trying to post an invoice recorded for a certain vendor.

Error:- “Account number for transaction type Vendor settlement discount does not exist.”

Oddly enough, no settlement discount is linked to the vendor. In fact, we have never setup or used any settlement discount. So I’m not really sure what’s causing this error message. I have double-checked the journal’s voucher and confirmed that Settlement discount is blank / not set for any of the lines.

My point is, we should not be getting this error as we are not using any Vendor settlement discount.

Any suggestion on where I should look into?

Please do not hesitate to ask me if you need me to provide more information or clarify / elaborate on something. Thanks in advance.

If the invoice is from the purchase order look in the purchase order header, the settlement discount may have been added there.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your response.

We don’t use purchase orders. The PO form seems to have been removed from the common forms too.

Edit: I’ve just discovered that this issue appears to be intermittent; as in it happens to a select few invoices, but other invoices for the exact same vendor are unaffected. But when it happens, it happens consistently on the affected invoices.

If it tells you anything, AX says that these affected invoices are fine when I click the “Validate” button.

If this is the case then there are one of two real options:

  1. Modified code is causing this.

  2. The user is entering the settlement discount code on the invoice.

Is there any difference between the posted and unposted invoices…

@ Adam: I’ve tested posting the invoice to make sure no settlement discount code was entered - Still the same error. I was starting to suspect the mods too. I’ll try to have a look at them when I get back to work tomorrow.

@ Kranthi: Assuming they’re for the same vendors, the only difference are the debit / credit amounts, tax invoice numbers and offset accounts on the vouchers / lines of these invoices. Which makes it difficult as they’re unique for each invoice, except for offset accounts. Offset accounts differ based on what the line is crediting / debiting for.

We’ve found that this error happens when there’s a line/voucher in the invoice with GST calculated $0.45 or less.

Does this happen in standard AX as well? Or is this caused by a modified code?

It certainly does not happen in the standard AX I have - why would it? I would put this down as a modified code issue.

Hi guys,

I’ve found out what’s triggering the error message.

Referring to: AP > Setup > Parameters > Settlement tab

It appears that the error happens when the invoice has a transaction with credit / debit amount of under equal to or less than the set Max over/underpayment. Unfortunately in my case, Max over/underpayment was set to $5.00 - Which I think was rather unrealistic. Changed this to $0.05, and problem was solved.

Well in any case, thank you for your suggestions and advises :slight_smile: